Sons of Cain

by Hatred Barricade

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released September 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Hatred Barricade Turkey

HB was founded in first half of 2011. Only aim of HB is to introduce Kadikoy Hardcore sound.

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Track Name: Sons of Cain
Mankind is the best killer into the nature
Corrupted, ambitious, selfish and rotten
Create a fucking war for power
Cut the throat for your imaginary god

Hope is just meaningless for the Sons of Cain

You were born as filthy, no one is innocent
Just couple of bones and flesh, no more than this
Captured minds work to money to power to sex to violence to satiety to be loved
There is nothing belongs to people, we are the errors of the universe

Arm the slaves, let them agonize, spread the ignorance, support the genocide
Because the malice in man searching his hunt and won't stop until to be fed
Make your colony, population control, exalt religion, god hallelujah
Because the ego in man is guiding his mind to pour blood until to be god

World's cancer is human being
Insignificant breeding human being

Sons of Cain (4x)

Hope is just meaningless for the Sons of Cain
Track Name: Savior
Silent screams over the streets of no man land
Sacrifice the minority, push to possess the dead
Deal with the devil, obligate them to torture
Make them your slaves, its forever in your nature

Glorify the sadist traitor, in the name of law make them greater
Living in this decaying world nobody can stay royal
This plague spreading all around, blue and green turn
into black and brown
Under the sun, there is no light, its getting darker and
darker, darker and darker motherfucker

Total failure
Where is your savior

Unwanted situations, misarable populations
Signed deaths on the desk
Bullet shells on the chest
Mirror mirror on the floor
Who dragged you up into this war
Knock knock democracy calls open the door

Silent screams over the streets of no man land
Sacrifice the minority, push to possess the dead
Track Name: Eyes of Farkhunda
Sew the mouths
Insane minds
Close all eyes

Just one different voice can lead people to murder
Disgusting lies and bloody looks, takes a innonce life
Trapped in shadows, without doubt they killed her

This is your punishment
As long as you live on this earth
Who gives a fuck if you are innocent
You better turn your back

No one hear you
Pay the ultimate price
There are lots of fear
In the eyes of Farkhunda

Humanity is dying
In the eyes of Farkhunda
Track Name: Improvised Religion
Burn your religion

There is nothing when you're dead
You're a coincidence, you're not special
Pointless prays will not be answered
Improvised religion is serving to system

Woman raped, people killed, weapons armed, who has the guilt, peace is exterminated
Burn your religion
Taken minds, too many lies, evil hearts, children cries, human is seperated
Burn your religion
Raising hate, stock market, exchange rate, prepared fate, life is illustrated
Burn your religion
Censored media, blocked idea, religion has freedom phobia, we are terrorized
Burn your religion

All right motherfuckers, burn your religion, burn your fucking religion, it's time to stand against the corrupted system of fucking religion